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How can I apply?

You can only apply for a grant through this programme following a referral from an Access Point. If you are interested in social investment you should still apply to an Access Point, or another social investor, as normal. Then, if your Access Point refers you to the Reach Fund you can begin your application.

If you have not already approached an Access Point please take a look at the Access Point Directory.


The first step of the process will be to register on this website where you will be asked for some basic information about you and your organisation.


Diagnostic tool

The second stage of the application will be to complete the Reach Diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool is used to help us understand a bit more about your organisation. You will be asked for information about your Governance and Leadership, Impact and Vision, Market Potential, Financial Performance and Operations. The scores from each of these sections will be combined to provide an Investment score.


Investment Readiness report

After completing the diagnostic tool you will receive your ‘Investment report’. This report will contain your scores for each of the sections listed above and an overall Investment score. It will also provide you with useful resources and hints and tips based on your results. For example, if you score low on Market Potential you will be signposted towards resources that may help you improve your market understanding and analysis.

You can then submit your Diagnostic report to your Access Point who will determine whether or not you should proceed to a full grant application,


Invitation to apply

If approved, you will be invited to apply for a grant via the Social Investment Business website. This will involve answering six short questions about why you need the grant and what it will be used for. For help on this part of the application check out the detailed guidance we've published.

If you are not invited to apply, we will provide alternative suggestions of support. We would also suggest that you speak to your Access Point about why your application did not proceed and what they think your next steps could be.

Next steps?

If this sounds like it might help you why not register or check out the list of lenders in the Access Point Directory.