NEWS: Latest Reach Fund grant stats announced

1 September 2017

The latest Access Quarterly dashboard has been published and it includes up-to-date statistics on Reach Fund grant awards. This data covers the period up to 30th June this year. The story so far is that...

  • 87 diagnostic reports have been submitted by charities and social enterprises.

  • This has led to 43 full applications for grants.

  • From these applications, we have awarded 35 grants.

The grants have been spread across the country as this live map of grant awards shows. 

The 35 grants add up to a grand total of £495,274 awarded so far - an average grant of £14,164.

We also now have 17 Access Points able to refer charities and social enterprises to the fund to apply for grants.

If you think the Reach Fund could help you why not find out more about how to apply.