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How can I apply?

You can only apply for a grant through this programme following a referral from an Access Point. If you are interested in social investment you should still apply to an Access Point, or another social investor, as normal. Then, if your Access Point refers you to the Reach Fund you can begin your application.

Referral from an Access Point

If you have not already approached an Access Point please take a look at the Access Point Directory. 

Once you have obtained a referral from an Access Point, the next step of the process will be to complete the stage 1 application.


Complete the Stage 1 application

The stage 1 application is used to help us and your Access Point understand a bit more about your organisation. You will be asked for information about your services and beneficiaries, your income, and your aims in raising investment.

Once you have submitted the Stage 1 form, it will then be shared with Access Point for them to review.

Our new application form is here.


Invitation to Stage 2

Once they have reviewed your Stage 1 application, your Access Point will determine whether or not you should proceed to Stage 2 application.

If you are invited to Stage 2 you will be emailed a link to the form you will need to complete. The Stage 2 application will involve answering  questions about why you need the grant and what it will be used for. For help on this part of the application check out the detailed guidance we've published.

If you are not invited to apply, we would also suggest that you speak to your Access Point about why your application did not proceed and what they think your next steps could be.

Application Guidance

To help you complete your application we have put together some detailed guidance which explains the process, and also gives information to help you answer the questions we ask you. 

You can find the guidance here.  Once you have accessed it you can save it to your computer.